Thursday, December 02, 2004

More About the Winery

If my previous post about the winery caught your interest, then I will tell you a little bit more about it. The Pelee Island Winery has a variety of white wines, red wines, blush wines, and dessert wines. Go to for a list of a their different kinds. The Winery runs tours throughout the summer which you can take for a small price. They also have a little gift shop there where you can buy anything from wine-openers to Pelee Island Winery towels. If you go to Pelee, then you simply must visit the Winery!

The Beaches

On the East side of Pelee island there are beautiful sandy beaches. This was something that I did not really expect to find on Pelee, but they are definitely there. On the West coast of the island there are sandy beaches that lead into wonderful Lake Erie. Perfect for swimming on a hot day or flying around in a speed boat. On the West side of the island the beaches are quite a bit more rocky, but the West side gets the picturesque sunsets. You can also kayak on the lake from almost anywhere. Be careful though because there are some little water snakes around the island. They are harmless though and they will swim away as fast as they can if they hear you, so just splash around and make a little noise if you happen to see one near you. For some pictures of the beaches and the sunsets visit

Wildlife on the Island

One of the most exciting things about Pelee is the wildlife. When I was there over this past summer, I rode about half a mile down the road in our car with a huge bald eagle flying right beside us. It was an amazing thing. I had only seen bald eagles at the zoo until this summer, and it was so cool to see one in the wild. They are absolutely enormous, and very powerful. I think there are about 3 bald eagles on the island, so if you're ever up there, keep a look out for them. Pelee also has some other really cool animals, many that are endangered or threatened species. Just to name a few, there are barn owls, blue racers (a kind of snake), and the eastern spiny shoftshell turtle. To learn more about the wildlife of Pelee you can visit

The End of the Season

This is about the time of year when the Pelee vacationers close down their cottages for winter. Some do it right after the summer season, but my family just closed theirs down last weekend. Now it is pretty much just the islanders left on Pelee for the winter. The only way to get to Pelee is the flights now, the ferries are no longer running. Even though it is getting colder on Pelee, it is still a wonderful place to be. You can still leave your doors unlocked, leave your keys in the car, and you are still required to wave at everyone you pass, even if you don't know them. That is one of the most wonderful things about Pelee; everybody waves at each other. The first time I was up there it seemed a bit strange, but now I think it's great. Everyone is so friendly and so welcoming. I find myself carrying on long conversations with people that I just met for the first time when I'm up there. It's a whole different world, but it's a great one. People should live like they are on Pelee no matter where they are in the world. For some pictures of Pelee visit

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Every year Pelee Island has a pheasant hunt. It's a huge event on Pelee and one of the islands largest attractions. The island raises thousands of pheasants and lets them loose some time in the fall. This is probably one of the hardest times to find a room on Pelee because all of the hunters flock their for the annual pheasant hunt. For the schedule of the hunts visit You will also find information about fishing on this site. Fishing is another tourist attraction for Pelee Island. As I mentioned, these hunts take place in the fall, and the fall is a beautiful time to visit Pelee. If you enjoy hunting, then schedule to come to Pelee next fall for the pheasant hunt, and see the island during the prettiest time of the year!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Pelee Attractions

There are many fun things to do on Pelee. If you decide to visit for a weekend, or spend a whole summer there, you'll be able to keep yourself busy. One thing you can do is take a hike down to fish point. Fish point is a point on the beach that extends far into the water. You can walk out on the point and be totally surrounded by water. It really is a beautiful place. You could also bike around the island. There is a lot of interesting wildlife on Pelee, including bald eagles, so a trip around the island on your bike is definitely going to be exciting. If you don't feel like doing anything too active, you can head to the winery for an afternoon picnic, or you could check out the Pelee Island Summer Theater. They have different schedules every year, so for an updated schedule visit Another activity you can do if you're feeling lazy or if it's a rainy day is visit the Pelee Island Art Works. They have fun activities like soap and candle making, and plenty of Pelee produced art work. My dad has even taken up the arts and crafts and begun making jewelry. Another cool place to visit is the Pelee Lighthouse. This is an especially cool place to go if you enjoy seeing historical sites. The Pelee lighthouse was built in 1833 and was there to guide ships through the Pelee Passage. If that does not give you enough activities, then you can always invent your own!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


For those of you who could boat to Pelee, you might want some information on the docks. There are four docks that you could boat to on Pelee. One is Dick's Marina. This is where most tourists dock their boats. Dick's Marina is located on the south side of the island, but it is just a short car or bike ride from the main part of town. Dick's Marina can be reached at 519-724-2024 or you can find more information at Some other options are WesMarine 519-724-2995, Scudder's Marina 519-724-2377, or Ministry of Transport West Dock 519-724-2933. So if you have a boat and are ever in Lake Erie with some free time, then come on over to Pelee Island for a day or two!

Where to stay

Two of the largest hotels on Pelee are The Pelee Island Hotel and Pub and The Tin Goose Inn. The Pelee Island Hotel and Pub is located on the West side of the island and is very close to the west docks. For more information about the Pelee Island Hotel and Pub visit The Tin Goose Inn is located on the East side of the Island. The website for the tin goose in is There are also many other places to stay on Pelee. Whether you want to stay in a bad and breakfast or a small motel, you will be able to find a place. To view a complete list of the lodging on Pelee Island go to

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Winery

One of the largest attractions on Pelee Island is the Pelee Island Winery. It's a good winery too, not one of those bad ones that you wish you'd never been to. The wine is quite tasty. They have an outside pavilion where there is live music on the weekends in the summer, and there are wine tours running throughout the day. To find out more about the Pelee Island Winery log on to It's a perfect place for a picnic. Good food, good music, good people, good wine!

Getting There

You're probably wondering how one would get to Pelee Island. It's quite simple, really. You can get there by ferry or by airplane. To get the ferry schedule and information you can call 1-800-661-2220. For information about the flights over to Pelee you can call Griffing Sandusky Airport in Sandusky, Ohio at 419-626-5161 or you can visit The flight only takes about 15 minutes and the ferry ride usually takes about two hours. That may seem long, but it can be a fun two hours if it's a nice day. Once the lake freezes over, the flights are the only way to get to Pelee. Most people go to Pelee in the summer though, so the lake freezing isn't much of a problem.


So this is my Pelee blog. In case any of you don't know, Pelee is an island in Lake Erie and it is part of Ontario. It's a wonderful little place, so that is why I created this blog. I want everyone who has not heard of Pelee to learn all about it. I want to keep everyone updated about what's happening on Pelee, and inform people of the places to go (and the ones to avoid). So if you ever have a questions about Pelee Island, Canada, than I hope you can find the answer here! I am creating this website for a class, and if you'd like to learn more about this class and what I have done in here you can visit or